Office Moving Checklist

Office Moving Checklist

  • Use the packing labels that are available from our online store. Tag everything you can no matter what it is or how insignificant it may seem! It’s important to tag everything as untagged items will not be moved. Include items such as bundles of computer cables, white boards, floor mats, rubbish bins and all your computer components.
  • Place labels on items in spots that will be easy to see for the movers:
  • • On the top of book cases• The back of chairs• On the top and at the front of storage and file cabinets

    • On the top of the work surfaces of desks and tables

    • Put labels on the end of boxes not on the top

  • It’s important to use your assigned number when labeling personal items and not your name. This is because the floor plan at the new office will be arranged by number not by names. Speak to your moving manager for assigned numbers.
  • Empty all the contents of desks, table drawers, shelving, storage cabinets and bookcases.2
  • Don’t empty vertical filing cabinets as these can be moved full.
  • Only leave the bottom two draws on on the wide lateral style file cabinets full. You must empty all the remaining draws before moving.
  • Remove toners from all printers and photocopiers. If equipment is hired it is often a contract requirement that you inform the relevant firms of a change of address.
  • Ensure that all personal items including money, computer disks, and other valuable items are secure.

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