Office Relocation Recommendations

Office Relocation Recommendations

Moving into a new office space is an exciting opportunity. It can also be a bit of a challenge if proper planning and management is not carried out. We have provided some of the basics to consider when moving or relocating your business or office.

To have the most successful move you will need a good space planner and or an architect. This can make the planning process a whole lot easier. Its important to get whom ever you delegate as the moving manager and your moving planner should meet to determine the best layouts and determine the best locations for files, printers, faxes and other such office equipment.

After your layouts have been confirmed it is time to make decisions on what furniture and cabling is needed. It is recommended that this is carried out well in advance of the date for your relocation. Furniture and cabling for your telephones, data and equipment will need to be designed, ordered and installed in order to coincide with the installation of the furniture, whether it be new or from your previous location.

Its very important when organising your move with us to be as specific as possible about all the details involved. Details such as move schedules and building requirements in both the old and new locations are very important. You will need to unload file cabinets, desks and other similar furniture as these can be very heavy and difficult to move. AA Auckland Carriers staff will take the upmost care in unloading, packing and reloading so that as little disruption and stress is put on yourself and your employees.

Change can always be difficult so it is important to consider your employees. If the new location of your office is going to be further than just round the corner, you will need to supply your employees with information on the new area. Include details such as listing for amenities, access, parking etc, specific to your new office location.

It may pay to train your employees on packing and labeling techniques for the move. We have supplied many moving tips and recommendation on our website for your use.

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