Moving With Children

Moving With Children

Moving Day Checklist:

Packing Time:

  • Moving is a great time to get rid of things they don’t use anymore.
  • Pull out all their old toys and games and group them into three piles:

First Pile: Things they want to take to the new home.

  • Second Pile: Things to toss out (broken toys and games)
  • Third Pile: Things they don’t want but can be given away to other kids.

Their own personal “seal”:

  • Get kids to design their own personal “seal” for marking each box as their property! As they pack, get them to draw their “seal” on the outside the box. Get them to be creative! They can create their own work of art to mark belongings.

Getting ready for the First Night:

  • Young children’s first night in a new home is very special. Make sure they have their favorite pajamas, trust blanket, stuffed toy, or favorite book packed away in a suitcase or backpack. This can be their very own piece that they’ll be personally in charge of to take with them to the new place.

Don’t forget to take some entertainment:

  • Remember to pack some things for them to do in the car on the way to the new home. Include things like books, video games, or crayons and paper.

Post Removal:

  • Keep your kids involved in important information referring to the move.
  • Research activities in your new area that compliments your children’s interests.
  • Take a trip to the new school when it’s in session, this way the building wont seem as vast and your children get to see other students who are like them.
  • Become a volunteer at the school so that you are a reassuring presence for younger children.
  • Its often better to visit the new community and school before the move.
  • Co-curricular activities help kids to make friends.
  • Parents with toddlers need to try and keep things and routines as familiar as possible.
  • Setting up a toddler’s new room as similar to the old one as possible helps familiarity.

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