Moving With Family

Moving With Family

The process of packing up and putting things away in boxes can be very emotional and trying for preschoolers, as they see all of their favorite and familiar objects disappearing into boxes. Try packing your preschoolers’ things as late in the moving process as possible, and continue reassuring them that everything will be going to the new house.

For those movers with pets, remember that moving is tough for them as well similar as moving with family. Young children who are attached to the family pet can often experience heightened anxiety when they see the pet’s discomfort. Talk to your young child about how the family pet may react to lessen any unhappy surprises. (Refer to our moving with pets guide)

Saying goodbye to friends is also very important for older children when time for moving day comes. Teen’s and pre-teen’s might want to have a going-away party or even plan a series of overnights with their friends. Of course they will probably want to repeat the process to christen the new place as well.

Although there is plenty to be done that will require your pre-teen’s or teen’s help, remember to be understanding of their needs as well.

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