Professional Moving

Professional Moving

Getting a professional removal company to do the packing and removal of all your belongings is your best bet. Our removal team is extremely thorough, and will wrap every single item. Consider New Zealand’s often rough and winding roads.

If you simply don’t have the time to pack, professional removal is a great option for moving across town, or when you need to move the contents of a large household. You could also arrange to have a professional “unpacker / house arranger” waiting at the other end. Insure that they know how everything was in your old place and leave them to it once you arrive.

Remember to check if your contents insurance covers your belongings during removal. If not they may offer a removal insurance package. If they don’t, our removal company definitely will. (refer to our Removal Insurance page)

The Pros:

  • Professional removal will save you a lot of time.
  • AA Carriers will pack everything for you. It’s worth it for the time and stress it saves, and our packing expertise.
  • AA Carriers will return to collect all the used boxes and paper once the move is over.
  • With our professional removal team doing all the work for you, you’ll be free to look after the kids!

The Cons:

  • Professional moves do cost money, but it’s often money well spent.
  • We may not be able to do your move on the day you want so prepare to be flexible and book early. (Refer to our removal checklist)
  • Complexities such as furniture going to two different places may require you to be on hand to make sure everything goes to the right place.

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