In-between Moving

In-between Moving

If you’re only moving across town then this is a good option. You can often save money by doing the packing yourself, and leave all the back breaking work to our professional movers.

If you consider yourself an expert packer and you are moving to another city or overseas, you could choose this option. You will have more control over the way everything is combined in the boxes, which can make things easier to find once you reach your destination.

Either way, removal insurance specifically tailored for people who self-pack is available.

The Pros:

  • Auckland Carriers will move your belongings quickly and carefully, saving you the job!
  • We use very large trucks, and can usually move your entire house in just one trip.
  • When you do all packing, you know exactly where everything is.
  • You often have more control over the removal date.

The Cons:

  • Professional moves do cost money, but it’s often money well spent.
  • You will need to provide your own boxes. You can purchase boxes from our store.
  • Packing is very time consuming and many people underestimate the time it takes.
  • If you have young children, more than likely you’ll have to arrange for someone to look after them while you pack.
  • You’ll have to dispose of boxes and packing paper yourself.

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