Moving with Plants

Moving with Plants

Suggestions and tips:

Plant transplant:

  • Ceramic pots are heavy and easily breakable. Protect your pots and plants by transferring into plastic pots or containers.
  • You should do this two or three weeks before moving day.

Killing plant pests:

  • Check your plants and their soil for any bugs, mildew, or other kinds of diseases your plants might have.

Pruning larger plants:

  • Pruning back your plants makes them more compact for fitting into the back of your car or removal truck and produces bushier more attractive plant.

Outdoor plants:

  • If you cant take your plants along for whatever reason you should consider taking cuttings as an option.

Watering your plants:

  • One or two nights before removal day, you should water your plants normally. It’s important that you don’t overwater as plants will often grow fungus or freeze during transit as a result of the weather being very hot in summer or very cold in winter if over watered

Plants in transit:

  • Be mindful of the temperature that the inside of your car can get on a hot day.

Getting to Your New Home

  • Make sure that your plants are the first things you unpack when arriving at your new home.

Plants are usually in a state of shock after moving and will not respond well to direct sunlight, gradually let them become accustomed by giving them indirect light.

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