Removal Insurance


Below are the insurance options we offer;

a) OWNERS RISK: (No insurance cover)

No compensation will be paid for any losses, damages or shortages. It is acknowledged, agreed, and declared that the Contract of Carriage evidenced hereby is a Contract for Carriage at owner’s risk. This means that the company as carrier will pay no compensation if the goods are lost or damaged unless the company intentionally loses or damages them.

b) LIMITED TRANSIT COVER: (Covers breakages only) Cost: $150.00 Excess:$150.00 Cover: $1,500 per item Limit: $50,000 per job

(Only available for moves within Auckland)

c) DECLARED TERMS: (Stated value made by owner) Cost: 2.5% of stated value. Excess $250.00. Minimum $10,000. A full inventory has to be done.

Please note: There is no cover for fish tanks, plants or plant pots, mechanical faults or owner packed goods. Claims must be submitted in writing with 7 days of delivery of the goods.

Insurance is taken out with the driver on the day of the removal before they start the job.

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