Furniture Packer or Mover Requirements

Tasks, Duties & Specialisations

Furniture Packer or Mover Requirements do, but are not limited to, some or all of the following:

  • Discussing with clients the details of move
  • Costing up jobs to work out how much move costs
  • Analyze which items will need to be packed and what materials to pack them with
  • Taking an inventory of items and recording any marks or damage driving a truck or van
  • Wrapping of the goods being moved in paper, cardboard or other purpose wrapping materials.
  • Packing items into cartons
  • Marking items to show how they should get stacked in the removal truck
  • Moving of furniture, cartons etc to the furniture removal truck or van
  • Load and secure heavy items
  • Determine how items will be moved and placement of items into the destination
  • Unload and unpack goods when required
  • Reassemble any disassembled furniture

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